I Would

For my love I would do anything that brings you pleasure...

I would dance on a table, tickle you with a feather.

I would get on my hands and knees, drop'em in a grove of trees!

I would travel near or far, yes make love to you in the car.

For my love I would be truly grateful showing you all my passion...

I would don any style or fashion, dress from the mall or nothing at all!

I would lay across the table or maybe upside the wall?

I would listen and take commands, yes meet all of your demands.

I would pleasure you with my body, my lips and hands.

I would write you a verse, uh, ok, I would dress as a nurse?

I would make you my conviction, your passion my affliction, no,my addiction.

I would give a massage,any cream or lotion, or maybe our very own potion.

I would I let you join me under my dress, of course, my love, yes!

I would do most anything for you, whip up a salad, soup or stew.

I would call you my love biscuit, dumpling, sugar or honey.

I would trounce about naked, a lap dance for money?

I would travel anywhere together or just stay at home all alone.

I would make love to you in person, online and on the phone!

I would hunt and gather, I would defend, I would resign.

I would bathe you in bubbles, chocolate, no...wine?

I would clearly do anything at all, for your love, your mind and your soul.

I would, yes of course, purr and hum, even dance on a pole!

soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
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there is also one other thing that is true...
I would do all of those too

... and anything else... just for you!

Awwww! You are most awesome! Kisses