Searching For The Perfect Photo!

I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time searching stock photo sites for the perfect picture. In my case, I usually use them for projects related to my publishing projects. What I've found over time is that some sites cater better to the types of pictures I'm looking for.

For example, I'm a big fan of right now. I've also downloaded images from, getty images and The one factor that blows me away every time is the variation of prices.

If you want to buy a stock photo for use on a website, the price can be fairly reasonable. When you're looking for photos for publication on materials like book covers or promotional materials, you usually need to purchase the photo at a higher pixelation level. This is mainly because it will look better once you blow the picture up to the size you need it to be. That's where the stock photo sites begin to ding you on the prices. The higher the pixelation the higher the price.

They also charge you more for mass duplication rights. I always purchase mass duplication rights since I tend to use the images for book covers, audio book covers, and promotional materials like book marks and buisness cards. You never know, I might end up selling a lot of units someday so having mass duplication rights is a must.

I do the same thing when is comes to searching for music on stock music sites. But that's another story altogether and I only use them for audio book projects.

So if you ever want to check one out, try it. You don't have to buy anything just for looking.

Thanks for reading.
paclark paclark
Jan 6, 2013