The Way You Have Me

The way you have me drawn into you. My mind filled with you and what you would do to me running in my thoughts from morning until night. Thinking of your hands, your fingers, your lips, your eyes, all of you taking turns taunting me with thoughts of passion together.

The way you have me wanting to please you, wanting to give you all you desire makes me ache for time together. Teasing you, tasting you, savoring our flavor together, thirsty for your love, our love.

The way you have me thinking of more wanting more, needing more. Each time we meet we feed our hunger yet that hunger grows.

The way you have me so content with nothing more than being next to you. Looking at you look at me. Just the thought of you satisfies me, the way you have me.
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

That's SOME stuff!! Who ever has you, they have something special in every way.;)

No one...LOLOL...sighs...

Well then,no one is lucky. :(

LOL...yea, I guess not.

Well,at least you can laugh about it.I bet that's more than I can say for the countless number of men and women who would probably fight for the position if given the opportunity. ;)

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Nicely done. For some reason though I have an unsatiable hunger.....I wonder why?

Sure gets the mind going. Love it my dear. :o) xo

good writing

Thanks for reading!

Excellent. I really like the way you put this one together.

Thank you kind Sir! (Oh my, is everything correct here before I submit to Mr. Edit?)

You're welcome. And no worries... It's only my own stuff that I can't seem to ever finish.

That's what you all say!