Roll Tide Roll!

For my girl Taurasiwade!

She is the ultimate fan and always showing it

On game days she has a fit

Crimson runs through her veins

As she yells, you feel she strains

"Roll ******* Roll!", you often hear

We are talking Bama girl all through the year

So Notre Dame watch your backs

The Tide is coming that's just the facts

Less than six hours you face your fear

Taurasiwade is set to cheer

So watch out yall, she's roarin' now

She really needs to take a bow

Run Tide run and don't get stitches

Lastly for Taurasiwade I say, ROLL TIDE, ROLL *******!

:) Love ya T

soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

That was goooood! Not a football fan, really, so I don't know how your team did, but it sounds like well.

Yes, they one. I really just wrote it for my friend. Not a huge fan.

Well that's even sweeter then! She's a lucky person to have you as a friend! ;-)


GET SOME BAMA is my saying imma bama fan too

Awesome!!!! I love it, it's perfect. Thank You soo much for it, I appreciate it. Love you :)

Glad you enjoyed. It was fast...LOL

You brought us luck tonight!!!

Woooo hooo!