Bigfoot : The Funding Of A Sign Language Project

Many of you have come around in the belief that Bigfoot or Sasquatch or the many different names it goes by through out the world is alive and real. My next mission is now is to commission funding to start a grass roots project to get some Sasquatch and or Bigfoot and try to communicate though sign language. I know many in the field believe Sasquatch probably speaks through a series of clicks and grunts , much like the Aboriginal peoples through out most of the world. But I believe Sign language is the way to go . We have taught other primates , many famous Monkeys who I will not name for privacy reasons.                                                                                             Some of my opponents , Dr Marcus Von Stone claims to know where Big foot lives thus proving his existence and his chance to "bag a Bigfoot". Mr Stone has on many occasions offered to kill Sasquatch and even gone on this very site to "round up" a posse to remove Bigfoot from New Jersey. Mr Von Stone's claims that Bigfoot bootlegs movies is appalling at best . I for one believe Bigfoot would not be up to piracy of any kind , a search of Pirate Bay for Big foots account number would be one way of clearing his name. I challenge Dr Von Stone to list his "true " reasons for killing Bigfoot. Mr Von Stone has also accused Bigfoot of being a Fascist. Another bogus claim because many of us in the field believe Bigfoot is a pacifist and maybe has been seen walking hand in hand in numerous anti war demonstrations.                                                                                                 Come on Dr Von Stone I challenge you to either give up Big foots location so we can begin signing with him or give the readers your view of Big foots place in our society , thank you. .
boxersancho boxersancho
41-45, M
Jan 7, 2013