The Beginning

I jumped forward and caught the sun in my hands. It was the size of a pebble, but it blazed with light and warmth that outshone its size. I gently cradled it, and then lowered it into the darkness beside me. Taking my finger, I pointed at intervals around the area and sparks of light showed themselves the size of rice. Next, I took my breath and 9 of my tears to solidify the creation of clear beads. Taking tendrils of my hair I wrapped them around the beads and gently squeezed life into them. Opening my hands, the differently sized beads pulsed and shone a color of varying intensity. I placed them at intervals and looked at my creation. This one had taken the most time. It had taken the least amount of space. It had taken the innitiative into evolution and it would start LIFE.
SuperNova18 SuperNova18
2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I like it.

awww tnx the light bulb was very persistant with shining in my face about this one :)