Yellow Puke

The first time I got really drunk was my first year in college at a club party in the student union building. I had snuck a fifth of Jack Daniels into the building.  It was good for an hour, I poured drinks for old and new friends.  Then I got caught by the security guard.  He told me it had to be gone before he made his next round. Unfortunately, mostly everybody was drunk by then.  So I took him literally and tried to finish the bottle alone.  

Bad idea. I drank most of it and threw the rest away.  Things got sketchy from there.  I was too sick to party and I had an hour train ride back home.  How I made it, I don't know.  The first thing I remember was puking up some yellow stuff on the bedroom floor by my bed.  I had the worst stomach ache ever.  I laid there moaning for about an hour.  Then my mother comes into the room. notices the pool of puke on the floor and freaks out.  She starts accusing me of becoming an alcoholic.  I'm in pain and she's making it worse. I just shout:  I'm sick, will you get me something. So after a few more remarks about my impending future as a bum, she went to the store and got me some pink crap that cured my stomach.  I've loved that stuff every since.  Mom freaked out for the rest of the day, and I just took because I couldn't argue the point.
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The dear ole college days... drinking was a rite of passage.