Can'T Beat It

Yeah, I really can't beat it. I tried really hard you know. I put everything that I have and my very best just to beat him but still I lost. I wanted to cheat you know just to get ahead of him but felt bad about it, I don't like cheating anyway.
The funny thing is, I know that I will never win but did it anyway. What am I babbling about you say? Well, you see when I was on my way to my next class in another building, I saw this tall guy ahead of me and this idea to race him in walking came to my mind. I walk beside him then tried to race with him (he doesn't know) to the building. I had a good laugh bout this, just imagine me (4'11) trying to match his step and be ahead of him and he is a six footer!
monotonouslife monotonouslife
22-25, F
Feb 1, 2013