Someone Special

Have you noticed that the more special you treat, someone The more that someone takes you for granted.
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Thank you. I NEVER wanted to give up on my husband, he was the love of my life. I would like to try again. I feel i have my marriage and children. I would like to try again but i know things won't change. Sorry for re-posting there was a spelling mistake lol.

I'm sorry c4000. I just wish marriage was plain sailing. But i suppose everyone wants that. i was just so tired of being taken for granted and feeling unappreciated. I know in my heart i did everything i could to make it work i really did. I don't give up easy i never have. But deep down i knew i couldn't fix our marriage. So i had to give up by doing that i probably sound like a failure. But there was no point staying if nothing was going to change. I felt like i was just wasting my time.

If only marriage came with instructions.

Yes. The more attention I pay my husband, (long term marriage) the more aloof he is. It is a dance that I am getting tired and have become emotionally exhausted at being part of. The grief it causes is significant and for some reason I am taking a really long time reaizing that I am part of the pattern. Is there any advice for coming more quicky to terms and detatchment?

How are you coping with being separated? I have spent alot of time thinking about separating but have two young boys and coming from a broken home myself, which had a very negative effect on my life, would really like to try to fix things. Hope you are ok but you are right in saying there is only so much you can do.

It's hard. Being in love with someone all those years and now there's nothing left to give. I want my children to be happy and I want them to know we will always love them no Matter what. Nothing has change our love for them

I dont think all separations are bad for the the children. My brother is separated from his wife and there kids are doing great. Probably better than if they were still together. Im sure your children know you love them as much as ever. I hope it starts to get easier for you, it must be a massive adjustment. But looking at your picture, when you are ready to move on, I'm sure you won't be short of offers. I wish you all the best for the future xx

Thank you. I hope the best for you to :-) x

Amen sister


We are separated. I'm sorry your in the same situation

I take it from that your not together any more. I know how you feel my wife is exactly the same. I hope he realises what he has lost. fool.

My husband was like this. I did everything for him. I ALWAYS showed him affection. Told him I love you everyday. ALWAYS indicated sex. Most of the time to be knocked back. No know how hurtful it is unless it's happen to them. Here's only so much you can do.

I don't think all people are like that, I certainly am not, but I know that does seem to be the way. Are you speaking from personal experience? I guess that goes hand in hand with not realising what you have until its gone. I expect there's a lot of people that have taken someone nice for granted that are now in that situation. I hope so anyway.