Number 1

Start to the end...somewhat?!?

I'd wine and dine..
on things so fine...
my soul is what shall guide me.

My thoughts so pure..
I could disappear...
and leave this world behind me.

The clouds so blue..
puts me in the mood...
to focus on what's around me.

The oceans prestine..
I can't be seen...
By all of those below me.

My dream girl..
is my whole world...
shes where I've disappeared to.

A world of bliss..
oh, how I miss...
This feeling that im into.

I'm warm and cozy..
Oh, how she knows me...
she's mother natures adversary.

We've become one..
wrapped in our arms...
She is who I'd marry.

Or is she now..
who I'd give this vow...
for it's just a piece of paper.

If you listen to my words..
you truly should have heard...
how damn well you knew I'd keep them.

I know it wasn't just me..
for the looks that I've seen...
her heaven is what was in me.

For the world that we knew..
became hazy, and grew..
Into a world of despair...
Please stop...its just not fair..
DestinationUnknown DestinationUnknown
22-25, M
Jul 25, 2007