Just Thinking...taking a Moment...

It's this reason for living...that makes me wonder why,
Is it that we have to learn, obey, and do, just to survive.
I want to just pack up, take off, and enjoy a wild ride.
To live like the natives, jump on a horse and feel her powerful stride...

The wind in your face, the rush of that breeze,
The warmth of the sun, the plains here to please..
Natures soft words, spoken gracefully,
Implies a welcome embrace,  neighbors are but trees...

A need not to be sad, but eat the fruit of life,
Feel the souls relief, as it enters from each bite..
Running through internal rivers, down through each joyed stream,
Your energy growing fast...you live through every dream...

Nightmares don't exist, for they weren't ever mentioned,
Ignorance is bliss, so drink all this attention...
You will never go hungry, because you're always feed,
By the stars who shine above and natures purest bread...
DestinationUnknown DestinationUnknown
22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Truly told. Very inspiring too.

Excellent! Love this. Thank you for sharing.

the very heart of man.