I don't quite understand why some people find it necessary to judge others on here because they may disagree with the subject matter.

Apparently some are worried about minors reading. Can't the parents put parental controls on their computer?

After all, I'm not responsible for what they might or might not read, am l?

I'm certainly not going to refrain from writing on any subject l choose to, just so l dont offend.

Similarly, if anyone doesn't like what write, please just don't read it then.

I get sick of reading the 10 things about me posts....like who cares....but l don't flame them...whatever, floats,your boat!

So, if my fellow ep ers enjoy my writings, I'll continue...hell, I'll continue anyway.

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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Your points are exactly what bothers me about our current flagging system in here, which can be controlled TOO MUCH by the public! I am amused at how quickly a "social" site can become about the wants or desires of "me". ;)