I love all of Tom Hank's movies! He is an amazing actor. The proof of that is in the movie, "Cast Away". It's just mostly him alone on a deserted island and a soccer ball named Wilson. And yet, that whole movie was entertaining! And he managed to give an soccer ball and personality! Not many actors can do this. :-o

You know... I actually felt sorry for Wilson, when he was lost from the raft! Seriously! And I could feel Tom Hank's pain, of losing his only friend, as he screamed and reached for the drifting ball, "Wilson! Come back! No! Wilson!" That's awesome acting! XD

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Being a relative of Abraham Lincoln doesn't hurt that fella either.

LOL! It is a person! It's Wilson XD<br />
Respect to Tom Hanks. I wouldn't have managed to pull it off for sure.

Oh yes, I agree; seriously awesome acting. I felt the pain too! :(<br />
Poor Wilson. I was willing Tom Hanks to reach the ball. if only he had woken up sooner :(