Oh Summer Fruit!

I am DREAMING right now of a day that can't get here soon enough! 

I love to walk out in my yard on a sunny warm summer morning. Nude and barefoot walking through the cool dew covered grass, towards my garden. The red ripe fruit hangs heavy on the plant and springs back as I pluck it from its musky vine. I hold it to my nose and breath deep inhaling that wonderful fresh earthy fragrance. The first bite explodes that wonderful juice into my mouth and I feel the warmth dribble down my chin!  OMG YUMMM...Heavenly tomatos 

Ahhhhhh....I can not wait
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7 Responses Apr 9, 2012

you'd probably fall-out at my property, I have 150 organic cherry tomatoe plants I started from seed! LOL!!!-I'd have to have the 911 ready 24-7 for you! HOOOOT! But they are good in the early warm SC mornings! ;)

Mmmm... my fave garden item... even if I couldn't have a big garden I will always find a way to grow fresh tomatoes... especially those juicy, sweet cherry varieties... So orgasmically good :)

They explode in your mouth. I like the cherry ones best because I have to buy my love apples in the supermarket and they have the most flavour.

ooh delish ... love tomatoes ... have been a fan since I was a baby! my mum used to peal and pip them for me! my dad used to grow wonderful tomatoes in his garden ... the flavour was second to none ... mmmm ... as to the more ... ahem ... erotic leanings of your story ... well, I got carried away with the thought of delicious tomatoes and forgot about that ... but luscious, juicy ... tempting ... bursting in my mouth ... omg ... (haha)

Any time I tried to eat a tomato I gagged on it... I can't go near them now... Sorry E.

How cool!! An, " Erotic Tomato Tale!! " I LOVED it! :D

Yup!! I TOTALLY "get" what your talkin about too. They are soooooo yummy!!

Was wondering the same thing too. Veggies or something more erotic and hot. Details, Details. HAHA

I've never read a more erotic story about tomatoes. Mmmmmmmmm

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So the answer is yes, yes, YES!