Peak Of The Season -

Just hitting the peak of our tomato season. Yes, I know we are way behind.  This year my wife started some heirloom tomatoes in her green house.  They are Brandywines.  Had all these big tomatoes, but showed no sign of getting ripe.  Then two weeks ago, finally got two.  4 days later, 10.  Monday picked 45.  There is a whole range in sizes from small up to 6 inches in diameter.  Well worth the wait. Not real pretty, but what wonderful flavor.  Having tomatoes 3 times a day.  BLT's.  Think it only time that we get bacon.  
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Oh I love fresh tomatoes! My first experience was when I was 7 or 8 and my neighbor had to leave for a week. She let me have all of her tomatoes while she was gone. I ate so many that my face broke out. Do you guys can or dehydrate your tomatoes.

We eat as many as possible. Next is canning jars of salsa, as we also have lots of hot peppers. Then canned tomatoes for winter use. We also have some roma's that will cut in half and freeze for use in soups, etc.

That is something I wont be doing this year. I grew radishes, and herbs. I started carrots a while ago but I have failed to water them as often as I should. I make stocks out of the chicken carcasses left over from quick buy-from- the-store- dinners. I use the stock for my signature Chicken and Dumplings. Do you have a signature dish?

Sounds like a great old-timey signature dish. My wife is a big proponent of stock. Usually from chicken carcasses and veggies. She is a great cook, and does a whole range of cool dishes. When she was working, and after I retired, had dinner ready when she go home from work. Dish I did most was ground turkey, tomatoes, summer squash, red peppers, beans, and mexican spices. Wife does some pretty mean chicken and dumplings, but not often.