Clydeside Tomatoes

Quite a lot, the tomatoes from the supermarket are nice but with thick skins. My mother complains all the time about the skins being too thick "but they're all you can get right now." However, when the Clydeside tomatoes are ready, that all changes. They sell them in a few shops around here, and for a few months we always have some in the house. They're definitely the best I've ever tasted. If any of you are ever in Scotland around this time of year, try some Clydeside tomatoes. I think you might be converted :)
kiltedmonkey kiltedmonkey
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1 Response Jun 27, 2007

I love and look forward to Clydeside Tomatoes every year.<br />
Best tomatoes in the world except perhaps for proper home grown tomatoes.<br />
Local fruitshop told me to make the best of them while I can as after this year there will be no growers growing tomatoes in the Clydeside. the last grower is stopping after this season. Hope its not true.<br />
<br />
Never heard of a dog eating tomatoes!!!