My Garden

While my garden itself as a whole acts like a society, the plants themselves have their own personalities.  Plants when you get to know them are a lot like people.  Some are greedy, some are similar to some of your co-workers and some act as public servants.


Artichokes are an interesting plant because they are greedy.  They stretch out their leaves like so many hands for sunlight.  Their roots stretch out for the riches that the soil provides.  Yet this is the only plant that I know that in its greed does good for others. It provides shade for other small plants so that they may grow protected from a too harsh sun until they are large enough to handle it.  Thus the trickle down effect.  Nasturtiums are interesting because of whom they remind me of prostitutes.  These flamboyantly covered blossoms can grow anywhere and will unless they are severely restricted in their movement.  Similar to prostitutes Nasturtiums seem to be where the land is poorest.  Where the land is the worst the most fiery dressed blossoms are and the nasturtium blossoms are greatly admired for their strength and vitality and being able to survive in harsh environments.  Which is similar to many prostitutes.


It is interesting to watch pumpkins grow.  Starting from a simple green sprout and growing to a large multi fruited behemoth.  With the proper nutrition and water a pumpkin resemble a business chain.  If given the chance it will take over, sprawling across the landscape and smashing (literally) the competition.


All in all a lot can be learned about society and human nature from watching plants interacting with their environments.  Plants and people I think share a lot of characteristics and in working in my garden I learned about human nature.  Through sweat and strain I became more informed about how food comes to the table and what effort goes into it. Itersting I found that almost all plants have viable uses and I hope so do human beings.

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3 Responses Aug 29, 2006

You put alot of thought into this haven't you? It sounds good.

You love tomatoes? Have you ever had a Jersey Tomato? They are the best!

That is an amazing analogy. I am thinking of putting in a garden, and have begun to look at what I want to put in, and you post give a whole new way of looking at it. What plants do you have in your garden this year?