My Favorite Place

"A garden is a grand teacher.  It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust." On Gardening, Gertrude Jekyll,


My garden is a special place for me.  It has been a challenge and a learning experience for me while teaching me something about life.  My garden is jigsaw shaped to say the least about its awkward boundaries. A weird shaped oasis on the edge of my home where I can escape and I am king.


In the beginning my garden existed only as a bunch of yellow mustard, tall grasses and assorted weeds of all heights.  Yet it was the soil, or perhaps I should say dirt, that provided a greater challenge to me than what was on the surface. The dirt looked pretty bad when all the ground cover has been removed.  Its texture was similar to granite in some areas, in other areas more like clay than soil.  Clanking a shovel into it; and subsequently breaking one, the clay then turned dusty while the strikes of my shovel revealed a bumper crop of rocks.  Rocks of all shapes and sizes, huge ones and lots of small ones, odd shaped and beautifully round ones still they remained consistently dull and brown. One by one they were, with a thud, removed from what would become a green oasis, my garden.


Choosing plants and the development of the layout for my garden gave me a sense of playing God, or at least the president of a troubled country.  In a place that resembled more of a battlefield, with its assortment of tools strewn around, than a place to grow juicy red tomatoes and green snap peas.  What seemed impossible now was feasible.


Anyone who isn’t appreciative of  their environment should try to start a garden, or for that matter anyone who thinks that they want to enter politics because a garden is it’s own society.  There are greedy people -(tomatoes, carrots, radishes) problems with terreorists(weeds) and supply and demand concerns (water, fertilizer, zucchini).  Once you try to choose what should be in the ground

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