Tomboys, Tomboys

I generally can't stand most girls. I hate the bullshit, the way they can't be straight with anything, and the overall drama. I've noticed that the few girls I am really close with grew up with all male siblings. They're not afraid to get dirty, and they are extremely chill. Their is something really sexy about the way they can rock loose ponytails and sports jerseys. Anyway I think most tomboys are awesome!

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Agree with u darling! I loove tomboys,but i never met one though! Is that too crazy?? Hahaha They seem so reliable,so open-minded and they such a fun! Also im a woman but with all the experience i have i realised WTF ! We need more tomboys in this world!😂😇

If women thought more like men, but stayed into guys and retained the necessary and desirable chick traits the world would be a better place.