My First Time Topless On The Beach

My parents took me on a cruise when I was 15. One of the beaches we stopped at allowed women to go topless. I don't think my parents knew it until we got there and it was too late to go somewhere else.
I tried not to show it but I was very excited seeing other women laying out in public with their boobies showing. I had seen my friends boobs and other girls in the locker room but this was different. I wanted to take my top off even though my father was there but I thought I'd better wait and see what my mom did. She did pull the straps of her one piece down so that her suit was lying just above her nipples. I could see my dad whispering to her. I think he wanted her to pull her top down. I know I did because I wanted to take my top off too. No luck.
After a short while my parents got up and said they were going for a walk and wouldn't be back for a while. Great!

I waited just a minute, got up and walked down into the water. It felt so wonderful when I took my top off. My boobs were happy to be free. I developed early and even at 15 I had a "full rack" as the boy next door use to say everytime me tried to cop a feel, but that's another story.

My parents were now out of sight so I decided to walk down the beach in the opposite direction with my bikini top in hand. I saw other teenage boys looking at me and I saw grow men looking at me too. I felt so mature with my naked boobs out in the sun for all to see. I was so wet from the excitement that I walked back in the water and began rubbing myself. I was trying to be discreet but I guess I wasn't doing a very good job of it. A guy with an accent swam over and began talking to me. In the clear water I could see he had his **** out and was stroking it. He saw me looking, he looked down at me and saw my hand was still busy inside my bottom and we both began to laugh. He said he could help me if I would help him. We drifted into a little deeper water. His **** was so big and so hard, not like my neighbor. He was behind me when he started kissing me on the back of my neck. Before I knew it his hands had helped my bottom down to just above my knees. He started humping from behind but he was too tall. He turned me around and now we were face to face as I climbed onto his ****. His big cold **** felt unbelievable in my warm *****.  He came almost immediately! I wanted more but he quickly pulled out. I was so disappointed until I saw his friend standing there ready to take his place in me. I wanted more but I wasn't about to become the pretty young tourist that got ****** by all the locals.
I pulled my panty bottom up and began drifting away before he got too close to me. He tried coaxing me back but I continued moving away until he finally gave up. I put my top back on too as I headed out of the water and back to my lounge. When I got to my chair I was glad and surprised that my parents still weren't back. I wanted so badly to just lie there with my top off but I didn't.
I have been hooked on topless beaches ever since. Actually, I have been hooked on being topless ever since and take every opportunity I can to do so.
The ironic part of this story is that while I was concerned about being topless on the beach in front of my parents, they had walked down to a clothing optional beach and spent the entire afternoon there. Had I know that, I would have definitely walked there too.
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was this the first time you had sex?

A beautiful story and proof that if you don't ask, you don't get. Good on the old boy for offering.

Beautiful story.

I wonder how much joy rabbits really have... too quick!

Great story

would like to live near you to see you topless. looks like you have amazing breasts.

great story. thnx for telling us of your memories

Fun day of several firsts. Would think just about every guy [and probably many women] who sees you wants you to be topless, and help you satiate those needs.

boobiegirl, I loved your story and can imagine you being young and such nice **** to show. I really got stiff when you and the guy was taking care of it at the same time. With the way you looked and the way you felt no wonder he exploded so quick! Anyway, love your story and wish I could have the experiance the guy did in the water! We do not have topless here and wish we did.

Love this story..

Great story! :)

************ outdoors is amazing! Especially on a beach. Many years ago, I was in Hawaii and visited a rather secluded beach. It was a very large and long beach and I took a long walk. Eventually, I found a ledge in the rock cliff about 8 feet above the beach. I climbed up on the ledge, looked up and down the beach to make sure no one was around. I was only wearing shorts, so I pulled them down and off. I enjoyed the sun and wind on my naked body for a few minutes. It felt so good, my **** began to swell and after a little stroking, it was bone hard. I continued ************ for about 10 minutes until I splattered my *** on the lava rock ledge. It's a great memory, which I'm easily reminded of because I had my camera with me and managed to take a commemorative photo of myself naked and hard on the beach.

I would definitely agree! The feeling of freedom from being naked on the beach would only be exceeded by the feeling of freedom to openly **********. And I'd love it even more if you were watching.

You write great sexy stories. Love the thought of you ************ in the water. Sensual image.

I am definately into women and their beautiful figures and breasts, love that my wife 38DD enjoys tanning topless. Lovely lady, from your profile it looks like you have one beautiful set of breast there!

You are in my circle, would love to be added to your page as friend.

My wife has become very comfortable being topless. The one beach we like to go to is a textile beach, but since it is so remote, lots of topless and nude patrons. She used to cover up, but not anymore. Occasionally she will get excited enough to have sex right there. Sure we've been seen a few times.<br />
<br />
Ocean air seems to do the trick in loosing things up.

A textile beach refers to a beach that is NOT clothing optional or topless. Everyone must wear a bathing suit for an example.

I remember once when I was at a topless beach a young lady about your age at the time came by and was probably showing hers off for the first time and had probably been at it all day. She probably thought everyone was admiring her breast which we were but we were cringing at the same time seeing how sunburned they were. Please have me as a friend and check my topless beach photos.

I took my family on vacation in Miami, South Beach. In that are, topless is tolerated. When we first walked on the beach, my wife was shocked, but my daughter just smiled. My wife saw a few women topless and made a comment that there's no need and we left early. The next day, I walked on the beach and saw many lovely topless and some completely nude. That afternoon, I took my daughter to the beach. She bought a new thong suit and without saying anything, took her top off. All she had on was her very low rise bottom thong with the triangle in the front. The next day, my wife asked her how she ended up with no tan lines. I live in a state where women are not allowed to wear a thong suit at the beach, so Miami was quite refreshing.

She would have been 18 then. At the pool in the resort, is seemed that all the women and girls had thongs on. My daughter felt odd wearing her regular bikini. So, I gave her money and she bought her first thong suit. My wife was not happy, but now my daughter fit in. To this day, she's still wearing her thong suit at home and has even bought a skimpier g-string version...for suntanning of course.

wow, that's a really hot story...

great storie the first nude is just so exciting

very hot story

I think we should have topless freedom for women on American beaches. I went topless at some French beaches on a vacation trip with my husband and it was very pleasant.

You're absolutely right... the social taboo against boobs and bodies has brought us to a crazy unhealthy obsession!

That is a hot memory no doubt! After looking at your profile pic, he was a lucky man! Coming from a conservative family I can say you definitely started experimenting with clothless suntanning long before I did lol! Great experience, thanks for sharing!

Would have been an interesting reaction I bet lol!

What a great experience for a 15 year old girl, and with your boobs and body every man will wannt you:)

Any man would be lucky to see you in person. I only have seen your profile pic and am already entranced.