My Wife's First Topless Beach

When we were younger, I often told my wife that I'd like to see her topless on the beach, but she would always tell me that she didn't like it. So my request was more or less forgotten until that year, holidays on the ocean coast...
It was a warm afternoon, we were lying on the beach (we didn't have kids by this time) and she was wearing a bikini. I was smoking a cigarette when she stood up and asked me to come swim with her. I just got out of the water, so I finished my cigarette before going again.
When I reached her, she had water up to her shoulders and I couldn't see what she was doing underneath. She started small talk, then grabbed my hand and silently put something inside it. I looked at it and saw it was her bikini top. I instantly got hard.
She came close to me, I could feel her fresh nipples on my chest. She kissed me, quickly stroke my **** through my short, and then started to walk out of the water. I was so surprised, I started to walk behind her, not knowing what was going on. I couldn't see her jiggling boobs, but could see the glances she got from everyone around. I was knocked out, both happy and surprised, and very aroused. When she arrived to our towel, she took time to shake the sand, bending over and walking around. There I could see her perfect white **** moving and bouncing, with beautiful tan lines drawing a frame around her big juicy nipples. It was as if her breast had never seen the sun. It was as if her boobs were some virgins suddenly, bravely exposed to everyone. I could hardly move, her bikini top still in my hand, while she was acting totally normally. The contrast between her regular moves and her bare white breast jiggling around was amazing.
Then she sat down and looked at me with a large smile. She laughed when she saw my captivated face and said "I see from your eyes that I need solar cream... Do I?" She then started to spread some on her chest, gently massaging her sweet boobs, with her pink nipples getting larger and larger, brighter and brighter.
She did it again three times that year, I took a picture on the last day. I'll post it soon.
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Great story, the kind that I love. My gf never left the towel topless, but having her there on display is an amazing turn on! I just love it!