Anything Else Like It?

I'm not quite 30 years old, but I'm already bored of Real Life and I haven't even spent barely any time there yet.

After graduating from college I spent a year traveling the world and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Not to sound like a traveler douche bag, the guys who think that every travel experience they have is the deepest and most profound experience for any person to ever have and their experiences are unique to them, essentially the dude who talks to you about Koh Phangan like he ******* discovered the place and pronounces it Koh Fan-Gong.

When I talk about most amazing experiences though, they are usually when something is new and fresh. This past summer I spent living in Bangkok and traveling around in South East Asia and it was a very fun experience, it was not nearly the same as my trip a few years ago. Traveling just lost its allure, I had even planned to study abroad next year, but changed my mind because my perception and experience changed so much. I guess that one year circumnavigating the world really filled up my hunger for travel. So it has made me think that its not necessarily the travel I'm looking for, its the adventure.

I guess I'm wondering what else can provide that sense of "adventure" I want. I just feel so bored. Get up at 8 am, get ready and go to work, come home at 7pm, work out, eat, watch tv, sleep. Welcome to my life for the next 30 years.

BeachesandBabes BeachesandBabes
Feb 23, 2009