Back Out On The Road

I've decided, that this year I'm going back out on the road. No matter what! I'm tired of this town...and I'm not going to waste my life anymore. It won't be like the old days..I'm older, less wide-eyed and I've got very little to loose. I meant to go traveling last year..but I never mustered up the energy, was low on money, and I couldn't decide on a destination. This year, I've decided....not living is so much worse than making a I'm going to just be a little reckless. Thing were actually better on the edge. Life was more interesting. I saw people and experienced things...that I never will again.

I'm not going to continue to wait for the right time or a traveling companion as some do. I went alone before...and guess what? I figured it out I was fine. I was more than fine. And I did it more than once. I don't know how I let my self get so stagnant. When I tell people all my old stories and the things I used to's like I'm talking about a stranger. She's nothing like the hermit I've become. I don't want to be the sort of person, who only has cool stories from the distant past.

I want to live. So this year....I'm going out in the world again....and I'm going traveling. Probably on my own again.....but isn't that what the cool lonesome stranger in the movies do? I don't have a plan yet. I don't have a destination yet. But, I have decided. And last time I decided rather than going along with the flow... I ended up half way around the world. It's been years since I've done anything that extreme. It's time to reawaken that beast!
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

So we are nearing the end of the year, its like your poking me daring me, you sound just like me I'm looking at my shoes my pack my empty life, hope to see you around

you never know

Wow, that's great! Good luck to you. :) Send a postcard from wherever it is you wind up.

I always buy postcards but rarely send them...I do tend to send or bring presents though

Ah...but stuff from distant lands is cool it's good to remember to bring a piece of it back with you for those that couldn't come along.

Nah, I have the memories ....the stuff is for others. Not everyone can do what I've done...which is cool....risk has it's costs afterall. And for me they have been far from cheap (even if I wouldn't take them back)