Trees Have Experience

I really like trees. Here where I live, in California, there are the Sequoias, the tallest and most massive living things on earth. It is really a sight to behold. Whenever possible, I suggest that you see these things in person, rather than mere photos, to really appreciate the shear grandeur of it.


Also in trees are the oldest things on earth. The Bristlecone Pines here in California and the south-west U.S. live over 4500 yrs. That is incredible. But I just recently learned that a pine tree in Sweden is over 9500 yrs. old. Wow. The thing about that tree is that the tree portion only lives about 6oo yrs. But the roots regenerate a new tree when that one dies. Also, there are some really old pine trees in Tasmania.

Bristlecone pine

Around my area the Oak trees are hundreds of years old. I like to look at the those trees and try to imagine all the things that have passed before it in its life. Fast forward 600 hundred years of days and nights as the tree slowly grows and branches out. All the wind and rain and animals and people that have passed by in the 600 years until bam! here and now, the tree and me.

Oak tree

Trees have been really successful in life. They have lots to say and that is one of the reasons that I really like them.


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I LOVE trees... I live in NJ. I have been to the rainforest and saw what I considered to the be the tree of life. It is/was the oldest, tallest tree, widest (and most powerful) tree in the entire rainforest Brazil/Ecuador... and I got to touch it.. and I had one of the most powerful experiences of my life... I was changed for ever, and its still changing me all the time. When I looked up There looked to be an entire forest floor above all the tops of the other trees, and then (it looked like hundreds in my mind...) of feet above that was the top canopy layer of leaves. It was called a Kapok Tree... I'm always thankful for having been touched by this tree and to have an experience with it. Thanks for your beautiful pictues and words.

Beautiful pictures.... I visited San Francisco a year ago, with the intent on going to see the redwoods, but sadly never got the chance. They really are spectacular. btw lucky you to live in California. I can't wait to go back. :)

I wish I could see your trees. I have seen pictures.Which is the largest The Red Wood trees or the Sequoias. It realy would be wonderful to see these trees.


I have grown some trees from seeds, just to honor the wonderful old tree they came from. Right now, there is a greenhouse where I work and there are several 4-5 ft. coral trees and some 3-4 ft. podacarpus trees that my students and I grew from seeds we collected. At home, I have a little bitty carob tree grown from a seed of a very beautiful old tree on the property where I work.

Have you read, The Secret Life Of Plants? This book explains how trees and other plants have consciousness and feelings.

Love this story. Thanks.

Thanks for the great photos. Next to my laptop are two new field guides Edible Wild Plants and Trees of the Eastern US.

Thinking of trees,


What a bout Weaping Willow trees?

On my father 's shoulders reaching for this wonder

Watching it block the sun, its spell I was under

Draped in the stream, resembling fish trying to flee

Testing its strength, wanting it to hold and surround me

Later took it for granted and its beauty I did ignore

Called me back one day as I felt the tangled roots roar

Cursed it with my mower and wished it to be gone

Only now it is nothing but a memory, I was so wrong

To not love the Weeping Willow and understand its plight

Now when see one I always stop to make things right

They are part of me and part of who I am

Living breathing giants,part of gods plan