The Likable Murderer Who "Popped" His *****

Travelling across Canada on a Greyhound Bus Pass, you can meet some interesting people. My wife and I did just that when we were at the Sudbury bus terminal waiting for a bus to take us to Ottawa. Sitting next to us was a young man about 35 years old. Small talk ensued and during it, he told us he was on his way to Toronto as he had just got out of prison. That came as no surprise to me as he had amateur tattoos across his fingers. Said he did some time because he had “popped his *****”. And to top it all off, he said he had been married several times and the woman he loved the most was the one he “popped”. There was a certain honesty and boyish charm about him.
Waiting for his bus late at night, he asked a lady to wake him when his bus was ready to go. He was tired and had had a few beers. Just before he laid down to nap, he said (to us) that she probably wouldn’t watch out for him and he was master of his own destiny. And sure enough, she had to leave the terminal in a rush and did forget about him. Sadly, I would think he is back in prison today as he did indicate he went “crazy” if he drank too much. A likeable scoundrel who obviously studied Prison Psychology 101
sakamato sakamato
51-55, M
Mar 3, 2007