victorious is a funny tv show there is eight characters which are tori,trina,jade,cat,beck,andrea,robbie,rex,and sinjin. tori=funny singer loving. trina= bossy lazy thinks shes all that  jade=rude funny some what nice maybe and loves beck (beck and jade are dating) cat=cute fun funny loving sweet can be anoying and don't forget her red hair.beck=loving HOT nice funny loves jade doesn't like to get into fights andrea=cute nive caring loves everyone music lover,robbie=kida nerdy has a puppet,rex=owner is robbie he loves girls,sinjin really nerdy and steals fames teeth  GROSS! so thats all i have to say about victorious todaysmiley
bubblepop108 bubblepop108
13-15, F
Jul 23, 2010