My Favorite Past Time.

I think the one thing I enjoy the most is watching Prime Time TV. That special time from 8-11PM, where in my opinon all the good shows come on.  I have been known to skip out on parties, and hanging out for an episode of Lost, or Heros. I am ashamed and proud of the fact at the same time. lol
Anuzen Anuzen
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

Oh I've even refused to answer the phone...just let the answer machine get it, especially when shows like Dexter, Heroes, Endgame, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Chaos or Traffic Light are on TV.<br />
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Just got onto a new show called "Suits"... very good, would highly recommend it !

The only thing better than 8-11PM TV is 2-5AM TV repeats!