That Is When I Get a Chance To...

That is when I get a chance to watch it. There are some tv shows I got really in to in the past and I wish I had the time to watch them now. But life is so crazy I don't really get the chance very often. One thing I'm not liking about the tv is some of the shows and even commercials that are on it. These "cartoons" they are coming out with are about a joke. By the way things are going I figure by the time I have kids I'm going to have to burn every tv in my house just so my kids will have morals and common sense. Either that or buy a DVD player and completely control the shows they watch. There's a lot of garbage and stupidity on tv now days. It's really sad. We could use tv to really teach not only ourselves but our kids a lot of good information but instead tv teaches crap.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2007

Many people think that about TV. There are some really pleasant children's shows that can teach about consideration for other people and civilized things like that, but so much of TV is so trashy, I agree. I think lots of parents do control their children's TV watching. Maybe that's part of being a good parent.