Eastenders Live

How amazing was the live episode of EastEnders? I never would have guessed that it was Stacey who killed Archie Mitchell. My money was on Sean. Bradley's swan dive off the roof of the Vic was done perfectly although it was incredibly sad. I thought the scene between Phil and Ian was fantastic. Both actors were really into it although on the aftermath show, exec producer Diedrick Santer admitted that when Phil slammed the door he was worried the set was going to fall down.

Anyway, here's hoping EastEnders continues for another 25 years and airs another live show in 2035.

ThornsHaveRoses ThornsHaveRoses
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

It's hard to believe EastEnders has been running for a quarter of a century now. I've not watched it for years but remember the first two or three years of it, especially the drama about who was the father of Michelle's baby, Vicky.