Gator Gallop

They have since changed it to 50K, but then it was 50 miles. Years before i had been doing 80 mile weeks, but at that time i was doing 20 mile weeks, but a friend challenged me the week before the race to run with him. Stupid pride or ego I accepted. It was in the 40'swires and raining hard for the first 4 hours. I had enough sense to use a ton of vascline and band aids on my nipples.
My friend did not. His white shirt had 2 red streaks running from nipples into the waist band of his pants. An hour later his shoes were turning red where the blood ran all the way down. Did i mention he was close to 220 pounds and built like a pro wrestler. He ran through the pain and finished in just over 8 hours, just ahead of me.
I stopped in a convience store after the race and I was so stiff that i could not lift my foot over the curb. I had to use the handicap ramp. When i came out because it was closer I slid on and off the fender of my car.
I have run two 50'sat since with more preperation and slightly better results.
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added comment here Climber.... I have seen your brisk jogging style first handed. The day I thought I would help you out from a long walk back to the car. I circled around to wait by the door, by the time I got to the door you were off jogging nicely around this big parking lot. lol... I was behind you, you saw your car gone... lol.. the look on your face was priceless. But still you kept jogging around the lot till I hit the horn! LOL.... I LOVE YOU! XO

I remember that only slightly differently. I was in a hurry to get back to the one I love and not only was she gone, but she took my new car with her.
As I jogged around the parking lot looking for her I heard a horn. I turned around only to see my car almost running me down. All I could see behind the wheel was this little set of eyes just barely high enough to see over the dash board.
You were so very, very cute. Still are : ))

lol.... my oh my...belly laugh.... I was tip toeing to reach your pedals.. you long legged rabbit! lol... ((((((((((hug))))))))))) Don't pick on my size buddy... *smile*

Would never pick on your size.
At my age I am not sure I could bend over that far anymore : ))

lol.... oh wow! been there and done the bandage nipples...*smile* a new twist on taut *******

Breeze..... I have read most of your stories and I do not remember any concerning bandaging nipples. Would ask for details, but it would probably get us both a red dot and I like the friendly people who share our circle now, so you can whisper it to me later : )

yes. we are the weird ones who need the special group outside of the just running groups. We will go the extra mile literally.

Yes we are a little weird, but I do not know of any of us who would change. Hope you have many more wonderful miles and the memories to go with them.
Thank You for reading and commenting.

This just plain doesn't sound healthy. This is " foreign " to me, so pay no attention to me scratching my head.....

No one said it was healthy. It is addictive; like drinking too much coffee. You know that extra cup is going to make you uncomfortable later, but you drink it anyway.

Ahhhh. Good way to put it! It is addictive...gotcha.