Morning Wood

Many call the erection that men have in the morning as "morning wood". I prefer to call it a sleep ***** because besides popping one in the morning and thru out the night, I will get a hardon if I take a nap during the day. I must sleep very soundly If I take one of these short power nap my penis will be erect and foreskin retracted back upon awakening. My wife and I saw a man in Florida just last year sun bathing around the pool and on a lounger one afternoon. I looked over and he was snoring and his tool was poking out from his swim trunks. Everyone at the pool saw what he had hidden in his trunks. I have to be careful if I take a quick snooze at the pool. I told me wife to wake me up or roll me over if my penis erects during a nap at the pool or beach. Along the same theme, how many men have had wet dreams and had an ****** while sleeping? I have not experienced this even at a young age. I do wake up with dried ***** on my tool at times or a precum jelly plug in my **** mouth at times.
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If you have this wet dream, do you remember the ****** and ***********, or do you just wake up with the evidence? My oldest son I don't think has had one (he's 14) that my wife and I can tell. I know he masturbates, I have caught him in the shower many times and he has caught me a couple too. Perhaps this is why we don't have these dreams. Is it just excess ***** that needs to be **********?

Yes, that's basically it. If you don't come for about 15 days, nature generally has built up enough reserves that need to be cleaned out...and so, with a sleep ***** or morning wood, you'll find that you have an erotic dream and might even wake with your hands wrapped around your ****, trying to keep from peeing...but it's not's ***** that's coming. It can be panic inducing at first, but after a few of these, you get to recognise the connection between ************ and the lack of wet dreams as they are called. Also, you get to enjoy them, as you know you won't wet the bed, but you will wind up with a large wet spot either in your underwear, or on the bedsheets.

I love how nature works. I'm just doing what nature wants me to do. I can't imagine that urge to ********* to ever go away. I once caught my 75 year old grandfather depositing his load in a flower pot in his attached greenhouse at his house. He never knew I saw him. He did spend a lot of time in that greenhouse. He kept that flower pot and a small jar of vaseline up on a shelf. I have read it is important and heathful to ********* thru-out life, I guess if you can physically do it. It must help to flush out the prostate regularly and keep good blood flow to that area

Did you or your son stay to watch the other ***?


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