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I Am a Jewish Girl With a Foreskin Fetish

I love uncut guys so much and would love any women that has the same love to join my yahoo group and view my pics, links, downloads, etc. Simply go to and sign up. So all you men out their with a foreskin that feel uncomfortable about being uncut let me tell you how lucky and hot you are. Please come and join me. Love ya

monicellogirl monicellogirl 22-25, F 20 Responses Mar 2, 2009

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If anyone wants to see an uncircumcised penises snap chat me at peoples789 I'll swap nudea


ur yahoogroup no longer available? i'm an uncut 35 indonesian guy. i'm glad & proud to be. So, why u love uncut guys?

There is a lock of foreskin **** in Tumblr. It can be searched by Google; no need for a Tumblr account. Much of it is aimed at gay men. But a growing fraction of it is not.

Am a Muslim girl & share the same predicament

It shouldn't be too hrad to find à man with a foreskin around if you really want to try! You'll find it gross, though...

I find you gross!!

The problem is not intimacy with men who have all their bits. Moreover, they are easy to find everywhere except in a fair bit of the USA. The problem is that your parents and brothers may not agree with your being intimate with anyone before marriage, especially a non-Muslim.
The first time you get naked with a man, inspect his boy parts and make sure they are clean and odour free to your standard. Clean himself yourself if need be. And just because he has foreskin does not mean that he does not need to do foreplay on you as well. Discover how your body works, and then be ready to teach what you have learned to the Special Men you admit to your bedroom.

Good friend who is a Nubian Muslima in Africa here, just can't get enough unbeliever uncut. She never seems to feel a conflict however.

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If the story is true, it's kind of funny, though. Because her hopes of finding uncut Jewish males is very limited, not to say in effect choosing sex with uncuts is choosing sex with some Gentiles, in other words rebelling against her Jewish background. I've known a number of Jewish chicks who wanted a taste of the other side of the fence, but they rarely consider that foreskins are what they're looking for - most of them are solidly favorable to circumcision. So I'm back to the idea that this is another inteactivist flamer posing as an enlightened Jewish chick.

This group doesn't exist. Another flamer, probably

European guy here - not Jewish -not anything. I can't imagine my foreskin ever not being there - it is so sensitive. I imagine there'd be a lot more friction going on during penetration if it weren't there. If you've had yours removed - you are definitely missing out . Except when short 'n'curlies get trapped in there - it tugs at them, especially if you start to , err..grow.

monicellogirl could be yanking our chains.<br />
<br />
Growing up Jewish can be stifling. A way for a girl to rebel against that is to bed uncut men. I have heard that in New York City high schools, Jewish girls who wanna be bad go out of their way to date guys they know or suspect to be uncut. <br />
<br />
At least 30% of Jewish young women marry gentiles nowadays.<br />
<br />
Once upon a time, the only way you could find pics of uncut johnson was to go to a sleasy shop in the industrial part of town, and buy gay **** from a creep. Or stare at a photograph of Michaelangelo's David with a magnifying glass. The internet and broadband has made it possible, for the first time, for any teenage girl to study images of johnson in her bedroom. If her parents are strict, she can discover johnson pics during her freshman year in college. I am convinced that a lot of girls aged 16-20 spend time studying pics of the male equipment on the internet. No need to go to a **** site: Wikimedia Commons will do. No pop-ups, no come hither, no faces, no attempts to sell you a "membership."<br />
<br />
It is predictable form of youthful rebellion that some irreligious Jewish girls will find hot a johnson with all the trimmings. I've met in FaceBook a secular Jewish mother who married an uncut Latino, did not cut her son, and who is an intactivist under her real name.

wow....a jewish girl who like natuarls? awesome

Many young women enjoy defying their elders. That's why college women use the f word a lot. There is a kind of young Jewish woman who views bonking uncuts as truly in your face defiant. It gives the finger to boring rabbis as well as to one's doting parents. Few American Up to now, few Jewish women marry an uncut, but that is about to change as the first generation of intact American boys become of age to marry.

I love my foreskin, and wouldn't remove for anyone! If you wanna see it:<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Believe it or not but I didn't realise for a long time that I was uncircumcised!My penis has a large head and the skin is pulled back.One day though oil had been lovingly smeared over it and the skin didn't pull back when I was erect.

Take a look at my profile pics!

Take a look at my profile pics!

Take a look at my profile pics!

raphael85, were you born in Eastern Europe? Then being intact and Jewish was a requirement before 1990. In Western Europe? Then being intact is common among the many Jews there who do not belong to a temple. If a European boy is cut, he feels very self-conscious in the PE locker room. He is also at risk of being taken for a Muslim.<br />
<br />
Your not having had a bris is unusual only if you were born in an English speaking country, where the vast majority of Jewish men have had a bris. If you are Jewish and intact in the USA, it IS a big deal if you are looking to marry a Jew. Hell, many Yankee shiksas would find it difficult to date you, because they've never seen f-skin in their lives. In the USA and Canada, bris is typically the last Jewish custom to be dropped on the road to total secularity.<br />
<br />
Lack of bris is a big deal in the USA. Do you exercise in a Jewish community center? If you are intact, you will be taken for a goy or a Russian. Many American Jewish women would make a bris a precondition for you to marry them. There are a few young secular Jewish women who would be thrilled to date you: they are the emerging f-skin fetishists.<br />
<br />
I spent 15 years of my life madly lusting after Jewish girls, but nothing happened, because I assumed that no Jewish girl could bring herself to have sex with an intact man. I laid out my dilemma in writing to a Jewish woman I knew in another city. She replied as follows. She invited her best girlfriend over, also an irreligious Jew. She read my letter out loud to her friend. Then they discussed it. Both women searched their souls. And they decided that the idea of rejecting a man as a sex partner simply because he was intact had NEVER crossed their minds in all their lives. They both preferred to marry Jews, but pending marriage, they had no difficulty with flings with goys. And if those goys happened to be uncut, so be it.<br />
<br />
I still could not let myself go. I eventually married a woman who looked somewhat Jewish but was not. Years later, I decided that this incident proved that secular Jewish women were probably cooler about the f-skin that your typical mainstream American Christian woman. If you're Jewish, you grow up hearing talk about the f-skin and its removal. You don't remain ignorant. Meanwhile, American goys cut it off, but didn't talk about it until the 1980s. This situation was as weird as it sounds.

Hello everyone. Nothing pertinent to add. Just a 'HI" and hope everyone is well


The Yahoo group doesn't exist

I'm Jewish AND uncircumcised - it's no big deal, either way, unless you're religious. Most secular Jews in European countries will be uncircumcised nowadays.

I'm was born a jew and am also brit shalom in the usa I married a nice jewish girl and only got a get due to the fact that I converted to islam all and I was in a jewish gang growing up 2

Monicellogirl, you are amazing and unusual. I would guess that most American girls would prefer an uncircumcised penis. And I would have guessed that even more Jewish girls would have to have and want a man who had had the ritual performed. I am a Gentile in every sense of the word. I'm an American and uncircumcised so that makes me unusual too. I would love to have a sexual relationship with any woman whose prejudices don't preclude the pleasure that the foreskin of her uncircumcised lover brings to the whole of the sexual experience.