I Am a Jewish Girl With a Foreskin Fetish

I love uncut guys so much and would love any women that has the same love to join my yahoo group and view my pics, links, downloads, etc. Simply go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JewishGirlswithUncutForeskinFetish/ and sign up. So all you men out their with a foreskin that feel uncomfortable about being uncut let me tell you how lucky and hot you are. Please come and join me. Love ya

monicellogirl monicellogirl
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14 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Wow... strange fetish hahahaha

There's somehing fishy in this.

This yahoo group doesn't seem to exist now.

It's gone the foreskin way...

I wish I had a foreskin, mine got chopped off without my consent.

Well, some os us may prefer cut and some uncut, I personally feel cut is way better in so many ways, but I cannot deprive Jewish girls of a few uncut lovers for the sake of exploration. Cut or not, though, the basic choice resides in the ability to use it, and in how pleasant or unpleasant the owner of the **** actually is.

It looks like another one of those bogus posts by one of the anti-circ crowd. Although hearing from a Jewish girl who likes foreskin would have been interesting. Everything goes, so at least for curiosity's sake some Jewish females must wonder what foreskins are like...

There seems to be no such group on Yahoo

Monicellogirl, The URL you gave for your Yahoo group does not seem to work. Did you delete your group? I would like to get some feedback from women that enjoy a man with a foreskin.

i'm from indonesia, 33 yo, uncut, & i'm very proud of it! i'm also have a fetish about my own foreskin, and always looking for a woman who has an interest to foreskin.

I am Uncircumcised and very thankful to my parents and a pediatrician who was well ahead of his time. At a time when nearly 100% of all boys were routinely circumcised at birth I was spared the knife. It is such a pleasure to have a foreskin and even ladies that I have been with that had never even seen one in real life learned very quickly how wonderful a foreskin was and not just for the pleasure of the man but the foreskin is very pleasurable for the woman as well.<br />
Monicellogirl, I would like very much to visit your yahoo group. I can be reached through here or any females that would like to hear from an Uncircumcised guy that has no problem discussing his foreskin is welcome to write me at FunGuy1326@yahoo.com Just identify who you are and where you got my email

That would be a good group for some of my secret pics... hehe <br />
<br />
kiss<br />

I was circumcised at birth. I know nothing about foreskins even though I am a male. I've heard you uncut guys talk about how much pleasure you have with your foreskins. That pleasure is unknown to me. The shaft of my penis is regular skin. All the moist and sensitive inner foreskin was cut off before I can remember. My glans is constantly exposed and rubs on my underwear. It is dry, rough, and I feel only slight sensation from it. <br />
I have to use my mind and fantasys in order to reach ******, and if I am unable to get into the fantasys enough, I won't be able to ***, regardless of what's being done to my penis. You men who are lucky enough to still have your foreskins have no idea how much you would have lost if you had been circumcised at birth.

Dude, you claim to be 61 to 65. How much sex do you actually get, cut or not? and how many hard-ons without Viagra?

well i am sad to i am circumcised as my foreskin was too tight, this i had done when i was about 18 i think but only in the last few years i am now 32 i find it very sexy when you see woman who suck on foreskins and now i am i am missing something that i don't have :(

I just joined...awaiting your approval! I'm not Jewish but it says it's ok if I'm not :-) Hope you approve me!

monicellogirl... I've never been with a man "yet" that is uncircumcised...I am looking forward to trying this whole new world! I'm excited just thinking about it! I am going to check out your yahoo group now! :-)

pixelita, visit my profile and join my circle of friends and you can view mine. I would love to have you write to me and I will tell you all bout how much I enjoy having my foreskin