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Unix Of Various Flavors

   I mainly have used Linux these days.  But in my past, there were many flavors of Unix to choose from.  There was Solaris & SunOS for the Sun workstations.  Then Ultrix for the DEC systems.  HP UX for the HP workstations.  Even IBM had its own version, AIX,  for their RT systems. 
    There is also the differences between Berkley and AT&T Unix.  Now Linux integrates both.  One used "-" for command line options while the other did not.  What is amazing is that after all these years, Unix is still around.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 29, 2012

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You can emulate some older UNIXes now through PC (Qemu and friends) or Pdp (Simh) Emulator.<br />
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I managed to get ULTRIX 4 running in the Vax Emulator and I remember using this UNIX when setting up a UNIX network in college but only installed to 1 machine due to other issues in college causing me to study at home. The Decstation had netbsd installed and when I did find another hard disc that is how I found ULTRIX after typing boot.<br />
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Many people including me managed to see a working 4.3BSD and 2.11BSD UNIX system done by some person who made it possible to run in a pdp emulator.<br />
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Currently trying to run Coherent in Qemu and it is very slow.<br />
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I do like these Operating Systems.

True, much can be emulated through Qemu. I've got openSUSE running as a 2nd OS on my Windows Vista laptop &amp; my ancient HP P3 has PuppyLinux on it. It was the only Linux flavor I could get to load. I only had Windows ME for this machine &amp; wasn't going to use it anymore.

I just found another way to run an Emulated version of SCO's Xenix on another virtual PC which I think emulates an IBM PC 8086 sort. I use FreeBSD as main system now.