Every male sex partner I've ever had has ****** me bareback at least once. Often only ever raw, ******* deep inside my *****. I love it. Guys **** better when they really feel my wet tight ***** around their ****.

First time I had sex the guy threw on a condom, slid inside and awkwardly pounded my ***** for 5 minutes before *******. I wanted more so I sucked his **** til it was rock hard. This time, probably wanting to provs something, he bent me over and ****** me hard raw. Twenty minutes later my ***** was filled with a big load of *** and was throbbing from several *******. Been hooked to being ****** raw.

Fantasy yet to be achieved is having a train run on me bareback with load after load pumped into me.
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Bareback is the only way to enjoy sex!

add me please

Every guy who has ever ****** me has never used protection. Condoms are so disgusting and I would never let one near my ****! The feeling of having a huge, rock hard **** pounding my **** is incredible and there's no way I would ruin that. One of the best things in life is getting my dripping wet **** pounded and pounded until it starts throbbing and squirts everywhere. It's usually not long after that when the guy explodes deep in my ****, spraying warm *** deep inside of my **** and all over my cervix.

Haven't had a train ran on me where every guy exploded in my ****, but I was at a party when I was in my late 20's where I got ****** by four different guys and everyone of them shot at least one huge load in my ****! But having like 15 or more guys **** the **** out of me one after another and pump load after load after load of warm *** in my **** would be a dream come true!

Got pics??