Sex With A Dwarf Part 2

Some of you may remember that I posted a story here last week about David a dwarf who comes to our local pub and I was saying I'd like to have sex with him.

Well I did manage to have a late lunch with him away last week and he was charming. He was full of questions, which was to be expected as he knows my husband and everyone else in the pub quite well. I was honest with him and answered his questions bluntly.

Later after we'd had a few too many drinks, he told me he found me attractive and that he'd like to take me up on my offer some time, but not any time soon. I had to respect his honesty but he said it was because he hadn't been with a woman in such a long time that he didn't want to jump in too quickly and leave me dissapointed.

I've spoken to him a few times since then and last Saturday at the pub he told me that he suffers from premature *********** and would hate himself if he couldn't please me in bed. I told him it was fine and that most men last longer the second time around, well usually lol.

So tomorrow night in the pub I'm going to arrange for him to come back to my house a little earlier and get him started and see how he can last. He's up for it but just wants to please me. He has to be commended for his honesty, but I just want the experience of ******* a dwarf and nothing else.

So we'll see how it pans out tomorrow night and I shall report back on this .

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Sep 6, 2012