Coming Into The Harbor…

The very fine avatar used for this group has reminded me of an experience which I've used as the basis for many a fine ****! I used to live on the coast, and I remember once when I'd caught a ferry to get from one side of a seaside town to the other (we lived on the coast, and during the summer they ran a ferry service to cope with the extra tourists) and one day as we came into the harbor, There was a family of tourists, Mum, Dad, and two teenage daughters) waiting to catch the ferry just arriving.  We were looking up and the harbor roadway and path was about 10 feet above our heads, and as we came in I looked up and was presented with the most beautiful view of tight white-pantied crotch of one of the girls standing above me with her legs slightly spread! Her sister was standing next to her, and dressed in the same manner, although we weren't fortunate enough to get a glimpse of her panties (more's the pity!), but they hung around with their parents while they waited in line to board the ferry, and the line wasn't moving, so I was reluctant to vacate my vantage point, I even was able to use my binoculars to get a closer look (I'd been looking for sea-birds during the trip, but didn't realize I'd be given such a nice bonus right there in the harbor).  I remember to this day, I could see right up the leg of her baggy shorts which were denim, and her panties looked like white cotton. Needless to say, I was very sparing with the binoculars as I didn't want to make it obvious, but it's been the basis of many a fine **** fantasy since then!   - MW
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May 25, 2012