I live in Brooklyn, there is always new construction going on, with such a diverse population, it's hard to imagine that this area was founded by the dutch and used to be farmland so when I see a very old house or building, I feel like I'm going back in time. I live near an old neighborhood they call victorian flatbush, the houses(they qualify as mansions)  are just breathtaking, when I walk through there I can imagine the women in their big dresses and corsets standing on the steps. Last year they found a secret room in a building downtown, they say it hid slaves. My heart aches for the suffering of the mothers and children who lived through these time. That's why I'm so curious to find out more, wish I could dig and find artifacts myself instead of just reading about it. I suck.

BKHoneyBunz BKHoneyBunz
26-30, F
Aug 7, 2007