Like Little Paradises

I remember walking down West 71st Street in Manhattan once with a bf, we had parked on it while down at Lincoln Center.  It was a typical West Side street, all brownstones and apartment buildings.  Then suddenly, where a brownstone had been, there was a garden.  Just there!  We walked in and sat down and it was so peaceful and pretty that it was just like a little bit of paradise in the middle of an urban world.

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5 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Zabars is on Broadway at 81st street. (Twenty street blocks to a mile.)

Yep got u. I knew it was from around 60th street wasn’t too sure how far north it went. But I’m being silly cos I kow I wlked all the way up to Zaybars deli years ago and Central park was alongside me for lots of the way

Central Park runs north south from 59th street to 110th street, fifth avenue to 8th avenue.

You have reminded me of Manhattan. One of my favourite places. don't remember too many gardens tho'. where is 71st street in relation to central park? Is it sort of beside it?

A piece of paradise in the middle of the madness..