Bookbub is a website that offers free or very cheap deals on books for electronic readers. I have found some good books there for free. You subscribe for free and they send you a daily email with that days deals on's great. Check it out.
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May I ask what your name means ?

Do you use a kindle, iPad or another device?

I have just had my second kindle replaced due to a fault.

Kindle fire..never had problems.

You are so kind. Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for reading. :)

Thanks for the tip! I love to read and love free! :)


There's several free book sites such as just have to poke around a bit

Yes, I know you like poking around Stephen! LOL

I'm an open book!

And a lovely read....

thaat's a bit much!

Well I really enjoy you. LOL

I just noticed your post was for e suggestion more for us that still use their pc

Oops...its ok. I still like you. :) There mitt be some who would want to know.


Im on the kindle. It does that. Sorry. Might.... ya!


stop apologizing! I'm in your LZ


landing zone's your post, I'm just visiting!

So...I like you here :))
For minute I was wondering my LZ was and how you got in it! LOL

I'm a sneaky devil!

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I'll have to check that out. Free is good! lol

It is good.

Signed up. If I get a ton of spam from them can I forward it to your email? ;)

Sure! LOL :)