I need to know which brand of diaper will hold lots and lots of pee. i want to be able to wet several times.
Right now all I seem to find are depend and off brand stuff. It dose not work at all. Also, where would I get a good
diaper. Right now I have looked at walmart  and I havent seen much of anything. Plus, I am always scared to
look at them to long afaid someone will see me, Whats good to use now at a local store till I order some on line?
I have to go to a doctors office today. It is about a 45 minute drive. I would like to have to pee on the way back with
a diaper on. I am so horny this week and all I can think about is wetting myself will my diaper on. I feel ao
terrible. Help me find a diaper thats good and dont leak. Also, do I need rubber pants? Wish I was home today I would pee
in a diaper all day and maybe poop it too, Thanks for your help,,
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I find abena m4 the best by far

You can find really good ones at your local medical supply store Abena M4s orL4s or Kendalls Lille supreme Maximum , Bambinos, Dry 24/7 These all are good diapers for multiple pees and poos

Tranquality ATN

I like "X-Plus" even more. Attends "special care" is 2nd place, than comes Tena. I can still buy the old ones, without that cotton-like surface on the outside. They already are thick when dry and get even thicker when you pee into them.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because my bladder is so full and if I wear an X-Plus, I just let go with all the pressure I can. They don't even leak in those cases, while Attends and Tenas always force me to slow down a bit.

Dry 24/7 are the best imo.

There are lots of brands of very good diapers out there and everyone has his/her own preference, but I think Unique Wellness Brief are the most absorbent. They were developed by NASA for the astronauts to use. Here is the link:<br />
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For right now, the Depends and/or Tena/Serenity Maximum Absorbency Pull-up combined with the Depends and/or Tena/Serenity Maximum Absorbency Tape-on diapers work for me through 3 to 4 wettings before they begin to leak. I cut slits down the middle of the outer plastic la<x>yer of the tape-ons, put them on, and then cover them with the pull-ups. As long as I am not sitting down during the 3 or 4 wetting, they generally don't leak. If you have to remain seated, about 2 wettings is all you can get without leaks.