Got A Cramp And Opps...i Pooped Again

Well, I just planned on peeing my diaper tonight, this more whatever...but my stomach is cramped up and
I pushed and it came out. Very soft so I am sure it will be a big old mess and I absolutely hate this. Any ideas
on clean up. Every time I say I will never poop in them again something happens and I do...what is your
suggestion? I am drinking lots of water right now trying to get desperate to pee again. Totally didnt plan on
pooping myself this morning and I feel like it has came out of my diaper and onto my jeans.ICK!  I am sitting
in it. It is all squishy...this is not good and I feel the need to go more. Why? Why couldnt I have just peed...
I hate messy. But my stomach is still cramping. I am trying to get desperate enough to pee my pants again.
I dont really think I need to sit in this mess to long. Some one want to help me.....Just trying to think about
someone forcing me to pee and poop myself. Gosh there is a lot of poop in my diaper I feel it sliding around.
WOW! What a mess this is gonna be. I dread standing up. Starting to feel the need to pee again. How long do
I sit in this and should I let out even more. Man, I feel like a sick person for doing this...but yet I still do it. I want
a man to make me do this. But then I also want to dominate him as well....I think I am a little crazy..This poop is
gonna be really gross...Wish I had those plastic pants cause I think it is all over my jeans too....Well, gonna sit
here a bit longer then go clean up...

r2beararms19 r2beararms19
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

i know that feelings of not wanting to but then it hits you and you let it all out and while you hate it in a way it feels right . and i would not mind being dominated as i dont have an ego yet i let my animal side shine ,strong loyal and kind .

message me when you can . and you should never use the toilet its got other people's germs .

i did it my self yesterday didn't plan on it but it just came out wasn't to messy but rather pee sure would like to change you right now and maybe give you a spanking too if you would like that hope we can be friends

Try and hold ur pee am holding mine right now