I Like Vampires.....but I Hate Twilight!

Hello, I have something I want to talk about.... I really HATE Twilight and am sick to death from hearing about it.
I love vampire stories....but I hate Twilight.

A Vampire...is a vicous, killing machine, a reanimated corpse, demonic entity that rises at night to feed off of the blood of the living. It can only be killed by exposure to direct sunlight, fire, decapitation, silver, garlic, or a stake through the heart. Most of what we know about vampires, have seen in films, or read about them in books originated in the mythology of Eastern Eurtope. They are the embodiment of pure Evil.

Originally, a vampire was like a zombie, just a bloodsucking corpse that rose from its grave to drink the blood of the living. Than, a few writers during the nineteenth century (such as Bram Stoker), made them a little more sophisticated. They have evolved to an extent and so far that has been fine...until now.

Now, Stephanie Meyer has reduced them to fangless, perverted fairy like creatures that "sparkle" (not die) when exposed to sunlight. I mean come on....."SPARKLE"....how ******* gay is that??!! What kind of DRUGS was she on when Stephanie Meyer thought that one up?  Vampire fiction was great until Twilight came along. Vampires are supposed to be the subject of Horror (or Action...Blade rocks!), NOT cheesy Romance. It's okay to identify with a love story because we've all been through it,  but not the way Meyer is portraying it! And another thing...NOT ONLY DO HER VAMPIRES SPARKLE, BUT THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE FANGS!!!!!!!

 Now I fear that Twilight has ruined the image of the vampire! Thanks Stephanie Meyer, for ruining my favorite genre of horror. And the fact that Twilight is ruining Vampires is not all......Twilight is ******* EVERYWHERE!! Besides the books and movies there are posters, t-shirts, action figures, lunch-boxes, car commercials, and so on. I went to the Grocery Store a while back and there were paper plates and paper cups on display with images of Edward Cullen and the rest of the Twilight Characters on them....I MEAN COME ON, TWILIGHT EATING UTENSILS? WHEN IS  ENOUGH ENOUGH???!!!!!!!! 

Well, hopes not lost. Theres an online petition to ban all things Twilight. Unfortunatley I can't post it on here because this site won't let me I don't think. But you can find it online, just google "Anit Twilight Petition" and you'll find it. If you hate Twilight too, than go and Sign that petition and do something about this whole Twilight epidemic right now! TWILIGHT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses Nov 3, 2011

Try sitting down and watching it then go play skyrim that will probly help promise

Well hello you seem quite interested in us. We do exist so do witched ,were wolfs and even demons. Im Homura Iku the princess pure blood of the western vampire bund. We are everywhere we are your friends, teachers ,family , workers. Don't be scared of us we won't hurt you we have laws we can't drink human blood unless it is offered to us.

WE'RE NOT DEMONIC AND IM NOT A KILLER!!! And good luck agianst twilight bullsh*t

Its about time that someone shouts as loudly as I do about this whole disgusting Twilight mess. I live in the real world where vampires burst into flame. Which doesn't mean there isn't a good love story or two in there, but honestly, as someone who takes everything with a grain of salt, i read the damn thing. It was a piece of unmitigated garbage watered down further by becoming (several) badly done boring films. Authors like Stephanie Meyer and LJ Smith are in my opinion just trying to make a buck off of teenage girls who are just realizing their sexuality and have noone to drool over besides Justin Bieber, of all ****** people. Cuz, let's admit it, vamps are sexy, but that doesn't mean we should allow their exploitation. *little smile*

You should join one of the "I Hate Twilight" groups here on EP and listen to what other people are saying.

nah, i hate twilight, but that would make obsessive hatred of it too much a part of my life. i'd rather focus on other stuff...

good luck in your crusade against the vile twilight merchindise