I absolutely love vampires. I love all the movies, I have the games (Dracula 1 & 2), and I know the history. And vampires are sexy! They are sex symbols. Evil is supposed to be tempting. And I look a bit like a vampire. I have very pale ivory skin, I have firey eyes, I have long dark hair, not to mention that I have 12 "vampire teeth" (all real, they grew in themselves) and I love to bite! Oh, and I'm dark and unnatural... that too...
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I ADORE the Twilight Series! I have the second and third ones. I can't find the first one.. :( And the fourth one won't come out until next month. Stephenie Meyer has one hell of a way with words. Beautiful writing.

Lol. Do you happen to like the Twilight series?

Lol... well I *am* a girl, but I wouldn't say I was perfect. Thanks, though! :D

if your a girl your perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, yup! Thanks, I suppose! :D

OH!<br />
Vampires are pretty darn sexy.<br />
You win XD

turning into your obsession much? =>