Van Halen 1, 2, Or 3

In my opinion, and I am entitled to that, I like the original Van Halen with David Lee Roth alot better than Van Hagar.  I haven't heard any of them since Wolfie joined the band, but if he is anything like his father, watch out.  I absolutely love hearing Eddie Van Halen play his guitar (make love to it is more like it).  I think that if the first band hadn't broken up they would have been just as popular.  I don't like Hagar.  After awhile, all his music sounds the same.  That is what he did to Van Halen.  I've been to a couple of Van Halen concerts.  One in particular, I can remember  waiting outside by the limos to get a glimpse of them (teenagers, lol).  I can remember very vividly when someone stuck a knife in the door of the limo where DL had just gotten in.  They sliced it.  Saw him, but it was a scary experience.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I disagree. I like Hagar over David. David is good but Hagar is just a great singer. David is an entertainer, His songs are the get up and party type singer, while Hagar lacks that, Van Halen had to become more musical sorta fill in the gaps. 5150 & Balance are my favourite albums, but they have many great songs outside these albums.

see, here is my problem with van halen. i like Hagar's vocal texture better, but you're right - he is pretty repetitive. i get irritated when DLR stops and makes jokes in the middle of songs. just sing, darnit! haha. i heard some a few years back with the new guy, i think his name's Gary Cherone. it was so un-good, i don't even remember any of the songs.<br />
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but i do agree, that Eddie Van Halen is a guitar guru, an amazingly talented man. :)