Last Thanksgiving I bought a Quorn brand Turkey Log and prepared it for my family (who are not vegetarians like me), and everyone went back for seconds!! It tastes, feels, and looks just like real turkey.
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Quorn is my favorite, but I like the burgers that are put out by Morningstar Farms. To me, they taste more like burgers than Boca brand, though my roommate likes Boca better. I guess it just depends on your personal taste, but so far, every vegetarian I know personally prefers Quorn.

I have tried other stuff from the brand, but I haven't tried the turkey yet. I have liked the "chicken" and the "beef"; the texture is impressive as far as meat alternatives in my area go. After reading your non-meat eater response I will definately have to go out and get the turkey for my family to test as beside a very picky 2yr old niece I am the only vegetarian.<br />
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Do you have any other brand recommends?

My wife likes that stuff. Sorry, but I'm not a fan. Then again, I don't like turkey either.<br />
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I'm glad you enjoy it, though.