Mock Meats; Compassionate, Delicious, Better For You! :D

"Oh my god, fake meat? Why not just have the real thing? o.O o.O o.O"

Well let me tell you...*drum roll!* To put it simply, animal agribusiness is horrendous. Animals are raised to be slaughtered (would you like it if somebody controlled the day when you were going to die? :/ ) and when they are going down the conveyor belt to be slaughtered, many are still conscious after a bolt to the head.

Alright alright, don't start running away now :p Just ask yourself this, would you want to slit a chicken, a living, breathing, feeling being's throat open? I'd hope not o.o It's much more pleasant to hug them ^_^ (Though they don't always like hugs so much <_<)

Anyway, on to the vegan mock meats. I have had a ton of vegan mock meats because, well I just like the taste of them :P There are different kinds for everyone so you are bound to find at least a few you like.

My personal favorites are:

Boca (delicious mock chicken nuggets)

Gardein (delicious mock chicken strips)

LightLife (love their lunch "meats")

Yves (Love their vegan bologna slices!)

Courage Burger: (it's very unique texture wise, it has kind of a chickeny taste, and is definitely worth a shot)

There are tons more! So check some out for yourself! I'm going to go have a Gardein BBQ pulled shreds on a Ciabatta roll right now. Mmmmmm =3

VegansLoveLife VegansLoveLife
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2012