Mmm... Soy..

Yeah, those veggie alternatives are superb. I actually had two veggie dogs tonight. With onions, ketchup, and mustard, you honestly cannot tell the difference. What separates them from normal dogs is that there is no animal suffering involved, there is no anus and/or entrails inside, etc, etc, and.. there is MORE protein and B vitamins than in meat, and virtually NO fat (for those who care about health (not me)). The soy burgers are equally good, but include lettuce and tomatoes to ensure that you do not notice a difference in taste (texture is the same). The sausages taste excellent, but.. they are a little creepy - they have the little white fat chunks in them and everything.. far too real :P Oh, if only we would feed everyone the soy products instead of feeding 90% of the soy crop to the animals that most people eat :(

Eat soy meat alternatives if you feel that you 'need' meat! Do it !! Eat soy !! Better for you; more protein and vitamins !!

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Soy meat alternatives are nasty and not at all healthy. It is not the equivalent of Asian soy foods such as tofu or miso. And excessive amounts of soy in general can lead to many health problems, such as thyroid toxicity.

And processed soy in such forms as TVP, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy bean oil are all junk. These are some of the worst modern "foods"( ranking right up there with partially hydroginated vegetable oil, HFCS, gluten, grains vegetable oils such as corn,canola or any of the other "healthy" plant oils) that anyone can eat, but the good thing is they all taste so horrible and generally cause digestive problems that most people will avoid them. And if slaughtering and eating animals is so offensive to vegans, they why do they want to eat a product that is supposed to look and taste like meat? Hmmm!

Oh, right, I forgot; soy bean processing is equvalent to slaughtering a living animal. You should elaborate further on your point of view. Ideally, we would all be raw foodists, but that will take some time if it were at all possible. In the meantime, small steps can only be a good thing.

Real meat eaters don't eat hot dogs for pretty much the same reasons mentioned. <br />
<br />
Do some research, and see where soy comes from...<br />
All commercial food is poison, especially soy, and its wonder replacement "Canola (it ain't even a plant) oil"<br />
<br />
Labels lie, its the law...