I Like Victoria Secrets

My first experience at Victoria Secrets was kind of  scary. I was nervous and this pretty young sales girl asked me if I needed any help finding anything. I told her I was just looking. She smiled and said "OK if you need and help I'm here" . I walked around looking at all the pretty bra's wishing I could have all of them. I  thanked the sales girl and left. The second time was much better. The pretty young sales girl asked me if I needed any help and I said I wanted to see the Super Sexy bra in a 36B, She smiled and said "Follow me". She showed me several and them told me the price, I was kinda shocked. I told her I didn't want to spend that kind of money on something that I only wear once in a while. She smiled again and said OK. I went back weeks later and asked to see the Super Sexy bra again, The sales girl showed me several colors, and I chose the nude one, paid for it and left. The sales girls are always nice and don't judge !!!

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The sales folks are so wonderful, When I shop there alone or with my wife they know we are shopping for both of us, by the way we speak about differant items we look at, not the size differance, (we are both size 6). At first I was scared to explain that I was shopping for me, but they are so cool. Have fun! Nicole.

As a married, masculine man I still get nervous going into VS to buy panties for myself or wife. The sales girls are always very helpful as u can read in my stories I have posted. The other day I chickened out going into one on the way back from business meetings. I have a VS Reward Card worth at least $10 plus I joined PINK NATION and got a text saying free panty with purchase of another. My time at sales counter will increase as I redeem, heightened my excitement!

When I was shopping the other day with my wife for us, I pointed out to her the moods of the 4 men that were in the store, 2 wanted nothing more than to run for the door screaming and say the hell with my girl. and the other 2 were having fun, completly in control enjoying the experiance. it was fun to watch the first 2 fidget as their ladies shopped. I just smiled thinking wonder what they would do if they knew I was wearing a nice lace bra n pantie set I bought last month from Vickies..

i love that place but it is expensive but SEXY

I love them also, and it is very expensive. I only had one problem with them. I bought a shelf bra, quarter cup bra, what ever you want to call it, and the seam between the cup and the wing tore...I sent it back and they sent me a new one and that one did the same thing...I called to complain, but they wouldn' do anything about it, saying it was out of warranty. I think they don't sell that style anymore !!!

shop their sales as they come around, and apply for a credit card from them. You will instantly start receiving bonus savings. It worth it Hon, Your worth it! just dont max your card the first trip out...discipline dear..lol

Hello my friend, I go there allot now that I have my large breasts and you are right they do not judge only there to help and always have a nice smile. The other people in the VS store are the one's that judge you when you go to try the bra's on or ask for another fitting, I know because walking in there with my large breasts I get allot of looks. Thank you.<br />

May-be someday I will go for a fitting, even though I don't have boobs like you !!! LOL