We Share And Shop For Each Other, Love That Woman!!

Vickies is by far my favorite store to shop. Either in the store or on line. last night as i was sitting at the computor with a one size and a cammie on I purchased 5 more items. My lady is also a frequent Vickies fan and is completly aware of my shopping habits as we go together. as to us, we are both size 6-8 depending on the item. panties are 6's tops vary due to her beautiful breast. She has no problem with me as opposed to my ex of 15 years. Im much happier now with being given the freedom to play and share with someone who actually shops for me and brings me gifts. I love Vickies and if you havent bought a 1 size pantie and experianced the wonderful feel you owe it to yourself!
Nicole53 Nicole53
46-50, M
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Love to shop for thongs and v-string panties!!!! :)

That is so wonderful!

Soundes like we share something elas in common Sunny.. Tight little bottoms.<br />
Thanks for answering my question.

yes i have been told i have a preety ***. the man who broke me in said my *** just drew him to **** me,

i have to wear thong underware or be naked.

Do you have a cute little tight bottom to show off to your Master?

You never answered my question Dear, Nice little Butt??

i am now a slave to a Master who doesent want me to dress that way so iwont be shopping anywhere. thank you for the message

So does your Master, keep you naked all the time? What does the Master prefer you to dress in?

Thanks Sunny! Im so happy with her. Its been a long time searching and a long time hiding in closets, before I got here..<br />
Take care Sweetie!!

You are really fortunate to have the woman that you do, i am envious. i love to be told to put on a pair of panties by a women or by a man.